Cranky Kinkajou Caught At Texas Home [Video]

A cranky kinkajou caused some chaos before being captured by authorities at a home in Texas.

The trouble occurred on Sunday in Wise County when the furry creature was discovered tucked into a corner atop a carport. The homeowners initially thought the golden-colored kinkajou was a cat or monkey before catching sight of its strange looking tail.

Looking closer, Ronnie and Donna Lee were startled to find the unusual visitor was sporting a mouthful of long, sharp teeth. The couple quickly decided to place a call to authorities. The Lees also conferred with neighbors who volunteer at the local animal shelter.

An article by The Wise County Messenger writes that Deputy James O’Bannon arrived on scene to capture the critter. Unsure of what he was dealing with, the deputy donned a protective glove and grabbed. The cranky kinkajou reacted by promptly sinking its teeth through the glove.

Deputy O’Bannon ended up with a bite to his hand that left behind three punctures. According to Ronnie Lee, the furry fighter put up quite a struggle against the group:

“At one point you had me, 67, and my wife, who is 62 and disabled, my two neighbors who are 80 and 78, and a deputy, chasing this thing around.”

After a second attempt Deputy O’Bannon successfully caged the cantankerous curmudgeon. The Wise County Animal Shelter accepted the animal and identified it as a kinkajou, which are often mistaken for monkeys.

Akin to raccoons, kinkajous are nocturnal creatures that can turn their feet backward and run in either direction. They are sometimes known as honey bears, using their long tongues to reach honey from hives. They are considered to be tame when exposed to social and human interaction.

According to NBC News, the chaos continued at the shelter as the crafty kinkajou escaped from its confinement. Although soon recaptured, it managed to terrorize several cats at the location beforehand.

The kinkajou’s unbecoming behavior has earned him the name Rat, a shorter version of the not-so-nice moniker used by deputies. Taking into consideration that animals of his kind are native to Central and South America, it is believed that Rat was a pet who escaped or was given up.

You can watch Rat and hear more about his story in the video below:

Wise County Animal Control and the North Texas Humane Society are discussing options for the cranky kinkajou’s future care.

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