‘Ikea Monkey’ Will Spend Christmas At Animal Sanctuary, Judge Rules

Darwin, also known across the internet as the “Ikea Monkey,” will reportedly have to spend Christmas at an animal sanctuary. Instead of coming home for the holidays, the poor little guy will have to celebrate all by himself.

According to Reuters, a judge ruled on Friday that the tiny macaque monkey will have to spend Christmas behind bars at an animal sanctuary. It’s also being reported that Darwin will remain at the facility until at least mid-January.

Understandably upset by the ruling, the monkey’s owner Yasmin Nakhuda refused to speak to reporters as she made her way out of the courthouse. Another hearing regarding Darwin’s fate has been scheduled for next month.

Nakhuda had hoped her pet would be able to spend the holidays at his home in Toronto. Since it’s currently illegal to keep a monkey as a pet within city limits, he will remain at the animal sanctuary until a final ruling on the Darwin’s fate is handed down.

RT reports that the monkey’s owner had intended to dress up her pet for the holidays. In fact, she had already picked out a Santa suit for the little guy in anticipation of his return home. Nakhuda previously posted videos on YouTube of Darwin all decked out for Halloween.

The owner also said she intends to move outside of Toronto should she regain custody of her beloved monkey. Nakhuda added there are currently no laws banning the ownership of monkeys outside of the city.

Darwin shot to online fame when customers outside an Ikea store in Canada noticed the macaque monkey running around the parking lot in a sheepskin coat and a diaper. Animal control officials were able to capture the little guy before he was harmed.

What do you think should happen to the “Ikea Monkey?” Do you think Darwin should be returned to his owner?

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