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Bella Thorne Details Sexual Abuse And Financial Woes In New Interview

Melissa Binns - Author

Oct. 18 2018, Updated 6:22 p.m. ET

According to People, Bella Thorne’s had a tough time of it. In a new interview, she recently revealed she’s been through a lot of hard situations. Thorne skyrocketed to fame at the age of 13 when she became the star of the hit Disney Channel show, Shake it Up, and with child stardom came a lot of expectations. Though the television show was a huge success, she was left with only $200 to her name when the show ended in 2013.

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“You know where it went,” she said about the money she earned from the show. When questioned, she refused to elaborate. The media is speculating that her financial struggle may have had something to do with the Coogan Law, which requires employers to hold onto 15 percent of a minor’s income to insure that all of their money doesn’t go to their guardian. Regardless, Thorne’s first taste of post-Disney life was difficult. She ended up moving in with her boyfriend at the time, Gregg Sulkin, who was also a Disney Channel star. He paid for her meals, which Thorne said embarrassed her greatly because her father taught her to always pay for her meals.

“I didn’t think things were going to go down like that,” she admitted. “And then half of me is like, ‘Come on, Bella. Look at your whole life. Don’t be naïve. You knew somewhere deep down inside things were not right.'”

If her father’s tragic death from a motorcycle accident when she was 9-years-old did not make her childhood tumultuous enough, Thorne revealed on Twitter in December, 2017, that she was sexually abused growing up. She began to receive a lot of criticism as she adopted a more sexual image as she aged, and someone tweeted “What did Disney do this girl?! I think she was molested.” Thorne simply responded “Yeah I was.”

“I used to think of myself like Marilyn Monroe a little bit,” she confessed. “Everyone thought Marilyn Monroe was this sex symbol and she was always perfect and beautiful, but she was dying on the inside. I go back to that tweet, and maybe, in some [messed] up way, it’s right. Maybe I am this way because I was molested and raped when I was younger.”

Thorne reportedly got so upset that she laid in the interviewer’s lap and began to cry. Though her career eventually took off and her financial situation improved, Thorne still deals with a lot of very difficult issues from her childhood.


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