Cardi B Says Her Baby Broke Her 'Lady Parts' During Birth

Cardi B opened up about the grueling reality of childbirth during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. During the chat, the "Bodak Yellow" rapper confessed that she had a difficult labor, HuffPost detailed.

"It was totally harder [than I imagined it would be]," the rapper said with her usual hilarious honesty. "She broke my vagina...Why nobody tells you about those things?"

She later revealed that she was shocked by the fact that she had to get stitches afterward.

"Nobody told me they were going to stitch my vagina..." she added. "People just be like, 'Oh, you know, when you give birth, it's gonna hurt,' but nobody tells you that like your vagina."

But it looks like the experience hasn't discouraged her from having more children in the future. She told Kimmel that she wants to have three or four more kids in the future.

"It's the best," she said of motherhood. "It's like 'Oh my gosh, I should have had you when I was a teenager. This is what I was missing my whole life. I love you!'"

She, however, added that people in her life -- presumably her fans and management -- have mixed feelings at the thought of her getting pregnant again.

Cardi B -- real name Belcalis Almanzar -- first unveiled her baby bump during an appearance on Saturday Night Live. This was right around the time of her debut album release. In subsequent interviews, she spoke at length about people questioning her decision to get pregnant at such an important moment in her career.

In an acceptance speech during the 2018 American Music Awards, Cardi B thanked her daughter for giving her the motivation to push forward.

"I really want to thank my daughter. And not just because she's my daughter," she said. "When I was pregnant, I was so influenced to be, like, 'Yo, I got to do this, I got to show people wrong. I got to prove people wrong.' Because they said I wasn't going to make it after I had a baby."

Cardi B won three awards that night, for Best Rap slash Hip-Hop Artist, Best Rap slash Hip-Hop Song, and Best Song in Soul and R&B. She racked up a slew of BET Hip Hop Awards as well -- and performed during the show.

Based on her continued success, it looks like Cardi B has plans to be a major player in the music industry for some time to come. We can thank baby Kulture, at least in part, for that.