Ellen DeGeneres Arranges Date For Naomi Osaka And Her Celebrity Crush, Michael B. Jordan

The dreams of tennis star Naomi Osaka have been coming true left and right this year. At only 21-years-old, Osaka is the current U.S. Open champion in women's singles and is ranked No. 4 globally. In September, Osaka surged to fame after defeating tennis legend Serena Williams in a controversial match. During the match, Williams received a violation for receiving hand gestures from her coach Patrick Mouratoglou, and then a second violation for smashing her racket in rage.

Throughout the match, Osaka kept her composure and was gracious towards her opponent, causing her to receive commendation from all over the world, even from Ellen DeGeneres.

According to People, DeGeneres has been at work on Osaka's love life ever since she had her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While interviewing Osaka, DeGeneres pressed Osaka to reveal her biggest celebrity crush. As she is not used to having so much attention placed on her, Osaka was hesitant to open up but eventually gave in. Upon finding out that Osaka's biggest crush is Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan, she decided she was going to bring the two together.

"Do you want me to text him right now?" DeGeneres asked.

"Seriously, someone get my phone. I'm gonna text Michael, and I'm gonna tell him that he should meet you."
Visibly embarrassed, Osaka tried to discourage DeGeneres from her meddling, but to no avail. Much to her chagrin, DeGeneres snapped a selfie of herself and Osaka together and immediately sent it off to Jordan.

"Let's just see what he says," DeGeneres said.

"I'm not committing. I'm just saying, 'Hey.' We'll see what he says. He's gonna [be] like, 'Who's that hottie with you?"
In honor of Osaka's birthday on October 16, DeGeneres tweeted her a photo of a shirtless Jordan with the caption, "Happy Birthday @Naomi_Osaka_. I got you a present."
Upon catching wind of DeGeneres' efforts, Jordan was happy to oblige and offered Osaka an invitation to the premiere for Creed 2 the following day.

"Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present," he said.

With little hesitancy, Osaka accepted the invitation in her reply to Jordan.

"LOL what is going on??? Thanks for the bday wishes, If you're serious I would totally want to go."
Acting as Osaka's real-life fairy godmother, DeGeneres proved she can make even the most far-fetched dreams come true when she sets her mind to it.