Donald Trump Gloats Over Stormy Lawsuit Being Tossed, Says He’ll Go After ‘Horseface’

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On Monday, news emerged detailing that adult film star Stormy Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti were dealt a blow in court when a federal judge tossed out their defamation case against President Donald Trump. Tuesday morning, the president celebrated the move via Twitter and he didn’t mince words in his tweet.

As the Inquisitr shared on Monday, Stormy Daniels and lawyer Michael Avenatti had filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump alleging defamation. Judge James Otero dismissed the case, noting that the First Amendment protected the “rhetorical hyperbole” Trump used in his blasts against Daniels.

Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter and tagged Fox News in a post detailing that Daniels’ lawsuit in the defamation case had been thrown out. He then went after Stormy, calling her “Horseface” and said he’d be going after both Daniels and her “3rd rate lawyer” in Texas.

Those who remain solidly in Trump’s base seemed to love the tweet, as it was liked more than 46,000 times and retweeted more than 7,000 times in about 45 minutes. However, the post also garnered plenty of negative reactions from Trump’s critics.

Within about 10 minutes of the original post, Avenatti had responded to the president’s tweet. He called Trump a “disgusting misogynist” as well as an embarrassment to the country. The lawyer made it clear that he and Stormy aren’t going away, and this post of the president may have added fuel to the fire and made Avenatti and Daniels all the more determined to destroy Trump.

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In other tweets, Avenatti pointed out that they still have other legal issues connected to Trump pending. The lawyer tweeted out the appeal over the dismissal that they have already filed in the Ninth Circuit and he noted that the president hasn’t typically had the greatest of luck in that particular court.

Avenatti also alleged in multiple posts that there are other porn stars Trump had sex with and paid off while married to Melania. He’s repeatedly taunted that there are more bombshells like this to drop and he blasted the president for his attacks on women, “especially the ones who you have had sex with while cheating on your wives.”

So far, Stormy Daniels herself hasn’t acknowledged the president’s insult about her looks. It’s not unusual for Michael Avenatti to go after the president via Twitter, although Tuesday morning’s set of blasts did seem especially intense. As the lawyer said, there are still other legal proceedings in the pipeline involving Stormy and her alleged history with President Donald Trump and that means things may get even uglier than Trump calling Daniels “Horseface.”