‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 17 Recap, Spoilers: Jack Hanma Appears, Retsu Uses Dirty Tactics Against Doyle

Baki Season 3 Episode 17, which is currently available at Netflix, started with the continuation of the battle between Kosho Shinogi and Hector Doyle. Kosho was amazed by how efficiently Doyle can use the blades in his body. He became more cautious with his move and waited for the enemy to attack.

Unfortunately, Kosho was unaware that Doyle wasn’t planning to use his blade in his next move. The dangerous death row inmate finished the fight by using an explosive against the enemy. US Navy captain Gary Strydom expressed a huge disappointment with the way Doyle fights, but the latter reminded him that he’s not a fighter. He said that he will only be satisfied with his first defeat when he loses after giving his all.

Baki Season 3 Episode 17 also featured an intimate scene between Baki Hanma and his girlfriend, Kozue. While Baki is sleeping, Kozue went inside his room only wearing her underwear. Unfortunately, when they are about to “do it,” Baki noticed his father, Yujiro Hanma, standing in their room. Baki felt annoyed and asked his father to leave. Yujiro granted his son’s request, but before he left, the strongest creature on Earth gave a strong message to Baki and Kozue.

The latest episode of Baki Season 3 showed the encounter between Retsu Kaioh and Jack Hanma in a restaurant. Retsu didn’t recognize Jack at first. He expressed a great amusement with how Jack devours all the food on his table. Retsu also noticed Jack’s incredible physique, especially his height.

When they went face to face, Jack introduced himself as one of the fighters in the underground arena. Jack is the son of Yujiro and the older half-brother of Baki. When he fought in the underground arena, he mostly relied on performance-enhancing drugs. After suffering a massive defeat from the hands of Baki and Yujiro, Jack asked Kureha Shinogi to help him fix his body.

Baki Season 3 Episode 17 revealed that the improvement on Jack’s height was the result of the operation made by Kureha. As of now, it seems like Jack returned to Japan to fight Baki for the second time. However, there is also a possibility that he will help in the hunt of the two remaining death row inmates.

The final scenes of Baki Season 3 Episode 17 featured the faceoff between Retsu and Doyle. The two met in an elevator in a grocery store. Doyle invited Retsu to drink in a bar. Using the alcohol he ordered, he tried to set Retsu on fire. However, Retsu also knew what the enemy was about to do. Before he got him, Retsu hit one of Doyle’s eyes with a knife.