Here’s How Meghan Markle’s Fashion Choices Kept Her Pregnancy A Secret

Gareth Fuller - WPA PoolGetty Images

With the recent news that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in the spring of 2019, it’s easy to see the fashion choices the duchess made in recent weeks to help hide her growing baby bump.

Inquisitr reported the happy news from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released by Kensington Palace earlier today. While baby speculation has run rampant since the couple’s wedding earlier this year, many royal family fans haven’t seen a lot of evidence of pregnancy in Markle, and that’s partly because of the way she dressed, according to an Entertainment Tonight report.

The palace saved the happy news until the duchess passed the 12-week mark in her pregnancy, which means that at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding last Friday, Markle, 37, must have chosen her clothing quite carefully because it fooled several people into thinking she wasn’t expecting a baby in a few months’ time.

At a community cookbook release event in late September, Markle, who was joined by Prince Harry and her mother Doria Ragland, used a stunning blue peacoat and a high-waisted skirt to help hide what must have been a growing midsection. She managed to not only prevent details of her pregnancy from being observed, but she also made a great fashion statement with the elegant look.

Similarly, in late September, the duchess sported an asymmetrical peplum style navy belted top at the Coach Core awards with her husband. The next day at the Oceania Exhibition opening at the Royal Academy, she used a wide black belt paired with a fitted black dress to help keep the happy secret under wraps.

By October, her bump must have grown more, but early in the month in Sussex, the duchess wore a tucked in green button up blouse along with a loose leather skirt, and all possibilities of a bump got attributed to the tucked in shirt.

However, by mid-October at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Markle had to fully cover herself to avoid revealing the news on the bride’s big day. The duchess donned a navy coat dress that showed none of her shape, which of course meant that her growing belly wasn’t visible for speculation.

Finally, today, before the announcement, Prince Harry and his bride landed in Sydney, Australia, where she held a folder over her midsection and hid the rest of her silhouette with an open, loose black coat trimmed in maroon.

Her fashion choices certainly fooled plenty of people because just yesterday Inquisitr reported that experts didn’t expect to hear any baby news until sometime in 2021, which is well after Markle is due to deliver the newest royal offspring.