Royal Pregnancy News From Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Could Be Delayed Until 2021 Says Experts, Per ‘Express’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fans are jumping at anything to assume that the Duchess is already pregnant. This was made especially evident during Princess Eugenie’s wedding when Meghan chose to keep her navy blue coat on instead of taking it off. She was wearing a matching Givenchy dress, but unfortunately, nobody saw it. Some people believe that this is a sign that the Duchess is pregnant, but experts believe otherwise, according to Express.

For example, body language and relationships expert, Tracey Cox, believes that the royal couple is still enjoying their current “honeymoon” stage in the relationship.

“Meghan has a long time, I don’t think so much pressure is on them as much as William and Kate. Especially since Kate is producing enough babies to keep everyone happy. I expect Meghan’s pregnancy in two or three years at least.”

And certainly, the pressure that was placed upon Kate and William to have kids is nothing compared to Meghan and Harry, considering the royal succession to the throne.

Still, that doesn’t mean people are eager to hear the happy news sooner, rather than later. However, Cox reminded everyone that they’re a couple, just like anyone else, and the two are currently at “that wonderful stage everyone wants to stay at.”

Indeed, Meghan and Harry appear to be a very happy and loving couple. They’ve been offering more displays of PDA than royal fans have become accustomed to, which has also helped their image and their ability to connect with the public.

Another expert, Liz Brewer, agrees with Cox’s assessment. Brewer is an etiquette expert, and revealed that “[Prince Harry] wants a family, but they’re a young couple, embarking out on life, they don’t actually have to have a family right now.”

After all, the two are still getting into the swing of things, with Meghan taking on her new role as Duchess. It probably doesn’t help that the Markle’s family in America continues to stir up trouble, so perhaps they are also waiting for things to quiet down before adding a new member to their family.

With all that said, don’t expect the pregnancy speculation to end anytime soon. All of Meghan’s outfits during the Australian tour are likely to be highly scrutinized, and any sign of a baby bump could potentially send the internet into a frenzy. After all, this is what people were saying after Meghan didn’t take off her Givenchy dress at Eugenie’s wedding, according to Radar Online.

“Judging by the fact that she’s wearing a heavy coat indoors; Meghan Markle is either pregnant or the type to get chilly easily.”

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