‘One Piece’ Episode 857 Spoilers: Luffy Reveals Secret Behind Katakuri’s Powerful Observation Haki

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One Piece Episode 857, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the epic battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. As their fight goes deeper, Luffy continues to gather some interesting information about Katakuri, his devil fruit power, and Haki. The first time Luffy and Katakuri fought each other was during the wedding of Vinsmoke Sanji and Charlotte Pudding.

Luffy wondered why he was unable to hit Katakuri despite using Armament Hardening. In the flashback of his training in One Piece Episode 857, Silvers Rayleigh revealed that the most effective way to fight a Logia-user, who all have fluid bodies, is by using Haki. Before, Luffy thought Katakuri was invincible, but after Big Mom’s right-hand man became irritated, he finally learned the secret behind his power.

One Piece Episode 857 further explained Katakuri’s ability to slightly predict the future. With the help of his strong Observation Haki, he managed to change the form of his body to prevent himself from being hit by Luffy’s attacks coated with Armament Hardening. However, he temporarily lost that power when Luffy saw his face while he was eating his “merienda.”

Unlike in their previous faceoff, Luffy has finally managed to land critical strikes to Katakuri. Luffy revealed that Katakuri’s strong Observation Haki depends on the level of his calmness. Unfortunately, when Luffy was about to send Katakuri to the ground, the sweet commander succeeded to return to his normal self and started his counter attack.

Now that Katakuri regained his ability to slightly predict the future, Luffy is expected to be in huge trouble again. While Luffy and Katakuri are fighting, One Piece Episode 857 also featured Sanji, Chiffon, and Pudding working nonstop to recreate the wedding cake. So far, everything is going smoothly in making the cake intended to stop Big Mom’s tantrums.

However, the Strawhat Pirates are about to face a great danger. Charlotte Brulee informed Pudding that they already know about the Strawhats’ plan to meet at Cacao Island. Big Mom and Charlotte Perospero continue to chase the infiltrators, while Charlotte Oven and his armies have already arrived at Cacao Island. Brulee also told Pudding about the ongoing battle between Luffy and Katakuri.

Sanji heard the conversation and expressed a deep concern with their plan to escape from the Whole Cake Island. However, Sanji doesn’t seem to be worried about Luffy facing the strongest commander of the Big Mom Pirates. Sanji strongly believes that his captain will be the first to put a stain on Katakuri’s undefeated record.

One Piece Episode 857 also showed Pound forcing his way inside the factory where Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon are recreating the wedding cake. Pound said that he only wanted to see his daughter Chiffon, but the people of the Cacao Island are preventing him from entering the factory. Oven interfered and knocked Pound out with one punch.