Russo Brothers Announce Wrap On ‘Avengers 4’ With Yet Another Mysterious Post

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When it comes to trolling fans, no one does it better than Joe and Anthony Russo. The brothers have been toying with the minds of Marvel fans for years now, and their most recent post regarding the wrapping of Avengers 4 has followers racking their brains yet again. The directing duo shared news of the wrapping on their Instagram page Friday with a mysterious photo that fans are now trying to dissect.

The new image is nothing but a bright white and blue light with some sort of rectangular shape, but there are no objects discernable whatsoever. The brothers added the caption “#wrapped,” and said nothing else regarding the film, or just what the new photo meant. Of course, hundreds of theories began gathering in the comment section, with one being more bizarre than the next.

Many fans began messing with the photo by changing the image’s brightness, saturation and contrast to come up with a clearer image. Unfortunately, all the editing led to just another confusing colored block, with nothing more than a bizarre tube shape taking form.

Some suggested it was the title card for Avengers 4, which could possibly reveal the title of the film but no letters can be seen when the image is messed with. Adam Warlock’s name was mentioned hundreds of times in the comment sections on Instagram and Twitter, but there is no concrete evidence to prove the character has anything to do with Avengers 4, or the mysterious photo.

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Of course, there were plenty of fans who felt the Russo brothers were just trolling with them, and there was no significance to the photo at all. The only way these fans will know if they were being played with will come when the movie premieres and the photo has no relation to the film. The directors don’t speak much on their Instagram posts or spoilers in relation to Avengers 4, so clarification on the blue and white photo won’t be coming anytime soon.

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It’s been almost a month since the last mysterious photo came from Joe and Anthony when the brothers shared a photo from the Avengers 4 set back in September. Fans were urged to “look hard” at a black and white image from the set, which many believed contained the Avengers 4 title. There is still no clarification on what the big reveal was from that photo either, but multiple theories popped up regarding a weapon of War Machines as well as the title possibly being Avengers: Annihilation.

Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3, 2019.