Why Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch Probably Didn’t Record His Death, Per ‘Mashable’

The disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has the world in an uproar. The man was reportedly tortured, murdered, and even dismembered after entering a Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey. Since the incident, a report of a chilling audio recording has been revealed, which supposedly chronicles the man’s entrance into the consulate all the way to his death.

Previously, some believed that one of the sources of the audio recording was from Jamal’s Apple Watch, reported the Inquisitr. The theory was that his watch recorded the incident and synced up with his iPhone via Bluetooth. The phone was purportedly in his fiancee’s possession at the time of his death, as she had accompanied him to the consulate but waited outside.

This piece of information was first published by a reportedly “pro-government” publication, and Mashable suggested that the story could have been published in order to provide a cover story. After all, if Turkey had placed secret surveillance within the Saudi Arabian consulate, it could amount to espionage.

The first hole in the story was pointed out early on. The hit team that is believed to have carried out the murder supposedly used the fingerprint verification system to gain access into Jamal’s watch and subsequently delete the audio files. The issue is that fingerprint verification does not exist on Apple Watches.

Moreover, the watch would have had to sync up with the iPhone that his fiancee had via Bluetooth. That’s the only way the audio recordings would have made its way onto iCloud, as previously reported.

Mashable doesn’t think that it’s plausible for the two devices to have linked up, considering the Bluetooth range can be as limited as 30 to 50 feet. The architecture of the consulate makes it unlikely that Jamal would have met his demise so close to his fiancee.

This is what one expert, Thomas Rid, thinks of the circumstances.

“Surprised by how many serious observers are running with the Khashoggi-used-his-Apple-Watch-story. As long as there is no good evidence, the more plausible scenario is a shrewd cover story to protect Turkish sources and methods — a cover story that would predictably go viral.”

Expert Robert Bayer also revealed the following, detailed CNN.

“The Turks don’t trust any diplomats and they have been into most embassies and most consulates in Turkey and they listen to what’s going on — and if indeed there are tapes proving that he was murdered, I think that’s probably how they know. But the Turks are very reluctant to admit that.”

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