Jamal Khashoggi Reportedly Recorded His Torture & Murder On Apple Watch, Per ‘Apple Insider’

Jamal Khashoggi is a journalist that was reportedly lured to a Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey. He believed he was picking up documents that would allow him to later marry his fiance, but it was reportedly a trap. Jamal was then held hostage, tortured, and brutally murdered by a “hit team” consisting of 15 people. As gruesome details emerge from the ongoing investigation into Jamal’s disappearance, many sources point to a set of audio recordings that prove the murder took place. And now, Apple Insider pointed out that a reporter for Sabah has made claims that at least one of the recordings were made by Jamal himself.

A reporter, Ragıp Soylu‏, took to Twitter to underscore the bombshell claims. That one, Jamal made the recordings, and that two, the hit team accessed the watch using Jamal’s fingerprints and deleted the recordings. However, the recordings had already been uploaded to iCloud. The belief is that Jamal’s fiancee, Hatice Cengiz, waited for him outside the consulate with his iPhone. Subsequently, the watch and phone linked to each other via Bluetooth.

This is apparently a plausible report because in Turkey, there is no cell function for the Apple Watch. However, the watch can access data via an iPhone or through a Wi-Fi signal.

At the same time, the reports are being considered with a grain of salt, considering that “As it stands, a number of key details of Khashoggi’s supposed last minutes are confusing or incongruent with presented evidence.”

One point of contention, however, is that the idea that the hit men used Jamal’s fingerprints to access the watch couldn’t be true, detailed CNN. This is because the Apple Watch simply does not have fingerprint verification. Also, it remains to be seen whether the theory that the watch and iPhone could have synced and uploaded a file to iCloud is also something that’s possible.

For Apple Watch users, making an audio recording typically requires you to download an app. Some of the popular options include “Simple Recorder,” “Voice Notes,” and “Audio Memos,” according to iDownload Blog. Each app has its own interface and features. For example, the free app called Simple Recorder allows you to quickly transmit the audio file to your iPhone. Another app, Voice Notes, will automatically store all of your recordings, and you then have the option of sending it to an iPhone.

Until more information is released about the watch, however, we can only wait and see what the investigation reveals.