32 Years Of Toilet Papering Houses Documented In New Film [Video]

The new documentary, Rolled, follows a secret society of high school pranksters who have been toilet papering houses for 32 years.

Filmmaker Whit Scott, who created the documentary with the help of a Kickstarted campaign, said that a group of kids formed a toilet papering club in 1979. The kids spent their high school days TPing houses, and, when a member of the group graduated, another student was drafted into the pack.

Scott writes:

“In 1979 a kid from LA got together with three of his friends because he wanted to artistically toilet paper a house … They continued this mischief throughout their high school years. When one graduated, they replaced him with a new member to carry on a specific job in the group. These jobs included the “historian” who photographed or filmed every house they hit.”

Scott says that he joined the group in the 1990s as the toilet paper historian. Yes, they had a bookkeeper.

Scott said:

“In the late 90s, I joined this group as the historian. I recently convinced my three compatriots to recount their experiences. They said yes, we collected some great stories, and we were also able to meet the group’s founding member.”

In addition to meeting the group’s founders, Scott also went back to find the group’s current members. Scott raised more than $30,000 to finish the film and now plans on shopping it around at a couple of festivals.

You can download a copy of the movie here (suggested price is $9.99 but you can pay whatever you want) or check out the trailer below.