‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Kyle Uncovers A ‘Nuclear Bomb’

Johnny VyCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers for next week indicate that Kyle finds a nuclear bomb.

Kyle actor Michael Mealor gave the details of the upcoming storyline to Soap Opera Digest. Next week, Kyle is at home with Dina (Marla Adams) when she explains she needs to go to John’s office at Jabot.

Mealor said, “She is agitated, and Kyle has always had a soft spot for his grandmother and will do anything he can to make her feel secure. She keeps rattling on about something at the office.”

Although Kyle knows that Dina is ill with Alzheimer’s and often has difficulty with her memory, he decides that he’ll indulge his ailing grandmother in her rather easy request.

Mealor added, “Part of him wants to help settle her down, but another part is telling him ‘she’s so specific about what she’s saying that this is worth exploring.’ He decides to see where this thing goes. All he’s doing is driving her over to Jabot, so what could it hurt?”

Kyle sweetly takes Dina to Jabot where she begins to search for the thing that led to her agitation back at home. He’s a good sport and Kyle helps his grandmother try to find the item, which Kyle has never heard about until now.

When they get to the office, Kyle’s shocked that there really is something to Dina’s request. There actually is a safe located in the room, and it has been hidden for all these decades, which piques Kyle’s interest. While he adores his grandmother, he’s also still Kyle Abbott, which means he certainly has an agenda, and he’s working on how to use this hidden minefield to the best possible advantage — for Kyle.

According to Mealor, “He’s curious that the safe was sealed up behind paneling and he wonders if there’s something worth exploring inside. He’s able to get the safe open and he’s stunned by what he finds inside: it’s a nuclear bomb waiting to happen.”

Just when Inquisitr‘s Y&R spoilers reveal that the Abbott family experiences complete chaos from the fallout over Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) devious plan to strip Jack (Peter Bergman) of his identity as John Abbott’s son, this new bombshell threatens to blow everything up even further for the family that so devotedly runs John’s business, Jabot.

The biggest question is, what on earth has been hidden behind the walls at the family business for so long? It’s going to be a wild ride next week for sure.