Man Accused Of Raping 2-Week-Old Baby Sent To Hospital After Prison Beating

An unidentified man has been taken to the hospital following an attack he suffered while being held at the Maghaberry prison in Lisburn in Northern Ireland. He was being held at Bann House at the prison out of concern for his safety following his arrest for raping a 12-day-old baby. Maghaberry is considered one of the most secure prisons in Northern Ireland. He was being held there under 24-hour surveillance. Charges against him include the rape as well as causing grievous bodily harm of the 12-day-old baby who lived in the Annalog area of Co Down on September 29 according to Metro. The baby is still in critical condition and fighting to stay alive in the intensive care unit of the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is urging people not to disclose the name of the charged as he has received numerous threats online since his arrest. The prison considers him a “Special Person at Risk” according to the Daily Record, which allows them to place him apart from “terrorists, murderers, violent thugs and gangsters.” A prison insider described concerns about the safety of the alleged rapist.

“Feelings are extremely high, both inside and outside the prison. I would be pretty sure that if any other prisoners got near him they would lynch him, such is the outrage being expressed by inmates on the landing.”

The man charged with the rape is currently staying in a secure room at the jail’s hospital.

The Irish Sun reports that the inmate who attacked the 25-year-old alleged rapist was an orderly in the prison but has been stripped of his privileges. Someone who witnessed the attack described it to the media outlet.

“It was a few digs, just for a few seconds. Then there was some panic and staff moved in to sort it out.”

The Stormont Department of Justice has refused to comment on the attack in Maghaberry and said it also will not publicly address concerns about its possible failure to provide care for the alleged rapist. His attorney so refused to comment, saying, “I can’t talk about any of my clients’ business without their express authority.”

The accused rapist previously applied for bail, but his request was denied by the Newry Magistrates Court Wednesday. Defense attorneys say they will re-file on a later date. The case is scheduled to reconvene on November 7, when the accused rapist is expected to appear in court.