Noel Fisher Appears In Cast List Of Next 'Shameless' Episode

Trisha Faulkner

The next episode of Shameless, titled "Face It, You're Gorgeous," airs on Sunday and a few surprises in the cast list reveal Showtime may have kept a pretty big secret under wraps.

According to the cast list for the episode – which can be found on IMDb – fan favorite Noel Fisher, known for his role as Mickey Milkovich, may be making a guest appearance in the next episode.

As Shameless fans learned earlier this week, Cameron Monaghan – who plays the role of Ian Gallagher – took to Instagram to announce his exit from the cast. Given Cameron's character is on the brink of going to the slammer, his departure from the series didn't come as too much of a surprise to fans.

As the Inquisitr reminded us a few weeks ago, Noel was considered by many to be fan favorite number one on the cast. So, fans of the series were devastated when the character was written out of the series. After breaking out of prison, Noel's character had no choice but to say goodbye to Ian and flee to Mexico.

Showrunner John Wells and William H. Macy revealed the writers received death threats following the exit of Noel because of how much fans loved him.