Cameron Monaghan Joins Emmy Rossum In Exiting ‘Shameless’

Shameless fans are going to have to say goodbye to another member of the Gallagher family as Cameron Monaghan, who played the role of Ian Clayton Gallagher, announced his exit from the series on Instagram a few hours ago. As those who have been following Shameless-related news know, this announcement follows just behind Emmy Rossum’s decision to depart from the cast as well.

The actor penned a detailed announcement explaining his decision and wishing Ian Gallagher goodbye on Instagram with a series of photos of himself and his cast members.

“I have been a series regular on this show for roughly ten years. I was the tender age of fifteen when we shot the pilot, and I came of age in so many ways, both legally and personally. I was very lucky to mature and grow with this show. Experiencing so many firsts, maturing as an actor, a professional, and a human. In the process gaining friends, family, and the best coworkers a very lucky actor could ask for, and for this I can be nothing but gracious,” the 25-year-old actor penned in his departure announcement.

He added, “All good things come to an end. An old cliche, but one that rings true with a sincerity and clarity especially in moments like these. Everything ends.”

When Emmy Rossum announced her own exit from the Showtime series before the Season 9 premiere, she did not give concrete details on how or when her character would exit the show. Her announcement simply revealed that the season currently airing would be her final season.

Cameron, however, continued his announcement to reveal that Ian would only have one more episode and then he would be gone.

“The next episode will be my last. I have known since last year, but I didn’t want to give it away too early as I wanted this season to be a surprise for the audience, allowing them to experience Ian’s unsure journey with his character,” the actor revealed.

When Emmy first announced her departure from Shameless, fans were left with mixed emotions. Naturally, those that loved her character – Fiona – were upset about the news. Some, however, were also just upset about the way the news was broke to them. Many fans believed it would have been better to keep the news under wraps to make however they decide to axe the character from the show that much more intense. These fans argued because now that they see it coming, it might not be as big of a deal when it happens.

Cameron ended his announcement on Instagram wishing his character farewell, “Goodbye, Ian Clayton Gallagher. We’ll meet again?”

He did, however, leave his fans and followers with a glimmer of hope that he could, one day, revisit the character of Ian Gallagher.

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