Dina Powell No Longer In The Running For US Ambassador, Says She Wants To Continue Work At Goldman Sachs

Dina Powell, presdent of Goldman Sachs speaks at a philanthropy event.
Mike Windle / Getty Images

With the stepping down of Nikki Haley from her UN Ambassador position at the end of the year, President Trump and speculators alike have begun to debate on who her follower should be. The Inquisitr previously reported that Dina Powell was one of the President’s top picks to fill the role. Sources say that the president supports Powell in the run due to her “competent and qualified” nature and his belief that Powell is “Senate-confirmable because she runs in traditional Republican circles,” as reported by CNBC.

“Dina is certainly a person I would consider and she’s under consideration,” said Trump regarding Powell.

The President seems to think she’d be a great fit, at the very least. However, Powell surprised everyone Thursday when she told her current company, Goldman Sachs, that she would be continuing her executive roles. This choice was after even the president himself called Powell two times, asking her to run for the UN Ambassador position. She officially made the withdrawal from the running in person.

According to The Washington Post, Powell might have experienced some negativity in the white house had she taken on the role. While no-doubt building a role and a voice on the White House, Powell would quickly receive respect from others and advice the President. However, Trump is known to change his mind on a “whim,” so hopefully that type of assessment wouldn’t get to Powell. Apparently, some Trump allies are even preparing opposition material for Trump to help him see Powell as a dangerous “globalist.”

On the other hand, Bloomberg reported that Goldmann Sachs’ CEO David Solomon would love to keep Powell working at his company. She is currently a member of its management team of 32.

“I think Dina Powell is a great choice to be a partner at Goldman Sachs,” said Solomon.

For a little more background on Powell, consider the many roles she has played in her political and administrative career. The 45-year-old started as a partner for Goldman Sachs while managing “global impact investing.” Then, she served as former deputy national security adviser for the President. Previously, she worked with the George W. Bush administration.

Powell is not the only nominee up for the UN Ambassador position. Other possibilities include Richard Grennell, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, or U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Kraft. However, Trump has made it clear that he wishes to keep Grennell at his current station.