Samantha Markle Calls Loni Love An ‘Ugly Sow,’ Tells Her To Eat Less Bacon On Twitter

Chris Jackson / Marcus IngramGetty Images

Samantha Markle is back at it again on Twitter. This time, the object of her ire is Loni Love. She posted the following message, along with a GIF of a running pig.

“How dare you publicly call me a b**ch. Try eating less bacon and more salad! Dancing your way onto stage would look a little bit better. Rude sow”

Samantha tagged Loni Love and the Real Daytime show, along with adding a link to the clip where Loni said, “I don’t trust this royal b**ch.” Love then went on to elaborate and describe the history of the Markle drama, pointing out that Samantha played a part in Thomas posing for staged paparazzi photos.

Meghan’s half-sister later added more derogatory comments.

“This woman has an embarrassment to television. She so foul and really needs to look in the mirror and stop commenting directly from tabloids. Her ignorance is bigger than her waist line”

And that wasn’t all. Samantha later clarified that she would never fat-shame anyone.

“To be clear I would never insult women about being overweight I have been and my grandmother was. This woman insults everybody disgustingly and she needs to look in the mirror.”

Her comments about never insulting women about their weight is completely contradictory, however, to all of the fat-shaming messages she already directed at Loni. After all, Markle also added that “[Loni] said I should crawl back under my rock. I would but she ate it.”

[Warning: Video contains graphic language.]