Vegas Casino Evacuated Due To Smoky Smell, Excalibur Offers Refunds

A Vegas casino was evacuated today due to a smoky smell and for the safety of guests, and the Excalibur Hotel says the incident was down to a motor that had overheated.

After the Vegas casino was evacuated, MGM resorts spokesman Gordon Absher confirmed that no actual fire had taken place — but that due to the location of the smoky smell in the ventilation system, evacuation was a necessary precaution.

Absher expressed regret that guests were interrupted in the wee hours, and said the Vegas casino evacuation would prompt some attentive guest service to make up for the inconvenience:

“As far as compensation, we will handle this in the normal course of delivering our good customer service … We’ll deal with this on a case by case basis.”

The Vegas casino was evacuated at around two in the morning Tuesday, after the four towers of the hotel’s smoke alarms sounded after the smoky smell permeated the massive structure.

It was another two hours before guests were cleared for re-entry — and while if you want to be booted from your room anywhere, it’s Vegas, it’s still a bit of a hassle if you’re in town for business and not pleasure.

Canadian Dave Ward was caught up in the Vegas casino evacuation and says he was offered a refund.

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He describes waking up to some commotion, and leaving the hotel:

“I jumped out of bed and looked out the window to see all the emergency response … So I got dressed and grabbed my essentials and walked out.”

Guests present for the Vegas casino evacuation at the Excalibur report the smoky smell as well as a “haze” in the air.