Mariah Carey Mocked For Barely Moving During Her AMA Performance In Super-Tight Pink Dress

Kevin WinterGetty Images For dcp

Mariah Carey’s performance at the 2018 American Music Awards has been described as “sultry,” but not all viewers were focused on her vocals.

As reported by the Daily Mail, many social media users took to the internet on Tuesday night to mock the fact that the singer barely seemed able to move in her skintight pink gown. During her performance of her latest single, “With You,” the 48-year-old was very restricted in terms of movement because of her fishtail dress, which some fans believed was a little too snug.

While she delivered her new song, the diva appeared to only be able to move her left arm up and down as she was surrounded by a dozen shirtless male dancers who writhed at her feet and took care of the more energetic moves.

Fans all over Twitter decided to mock the situation, with one user saying “I’ve never believed Mariah Carey could actually walk. Still don’t.#AMAs” and another claiming “Mariah is the laziest performer I’ve ever seen in my life.”

This was Carey’s first stage appearance at the awards show in 10 years. “With You” was officially released on October 4 and will appear in her new album, which is set to hit store shelves and digital distribution later this year.

“I’ve been working on my new album for a while. This is a labor of love and I’m really excited. This is me at this moment in my life being able to express myself as a writer and a singer. I’m just really in a good place,” she told People recently.

The music icon also said that while her upcoming album will feel “current,” she’s not following any “trends.”

“My fans just want to hear me express myself and speak from the heart and sing from the heart. Some of the record is lighthearted and fun, and some [songs] I really went deep in terms of the lyrical content. There’s a nice cross-section of things,” Carey said.

And while many fans seemed to be excited about the singer’s new project, others were focused on the fact that she seemed to be lip-syncing during her performance at the Los Angeles music event.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, many social media users complained that Mimi wasn’t actually singing when she took to the AMAs stage. One rather upset Twitter user said “Someone take Mariah to karaoke and teach her how to lipsync better #AMAs,” while another stood up for the artist and stated “Mariah has earned her stripes so if she chose to lip sync tonight’s performance then so be it. Sis gave us Butterfly and for that flawless album I will always be grateful.”