‘Little People, Big World’ Star Jackson Roloff Hits Major Milestone & Tori Couldn’t Be More Thrilled

Tori RoloffInstagram

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff’s son Jackson is hitting a major milestone and his mother is beside herself with joy!

In her most recent Instagram story, Tori shared with fans Jackson’s newest and what seems to be one of his favorite words – “Mama.”

Tori was seated in the video next to her son. She asked him, “Can you say, Mama?” to which the toddler repeated her name. In subsequent videos, she asked him to say “Hi” and he responded by holding the handle to his wagon up to his ear, mimicking a phone.

Tori wrapped up the sweet chatfest with a video of Jackson saying his other favorite word – “Dada.”

As any mother knows, it feels like a small victory when your child can finally recognize and link together the word “Mama” and who you are, and to address you accordingly. Tori’s heartfelt joy was apparent in the video as she appeared thrilled with each time Jackson called her by her name.

Tori also shared a new photo of Jackson to her Instagram page; he is seated on the lap of his grandpa Matt Roloff as he took a ride on his scooter in honor of Matt’s birthday.

Fans loved the new snap and remarked they were enjoying watching Jackson grow up in the love and support of his parents Tori and Zach. Fans were quick to applaud the couple for doing such a great job with their son.

“Tori Jackson is growing beautifully and you and Zach are doing an awesome job!” stated one fan of the family.

Another Instagram user penned, “Happy Day Mr. Roloff! You need a sidecar for your sidekick. Special times! Cheers!”

As reported by Soap Dirt, Matt Roloff and his grandson have a special bond. In fact, he penned his latest book Little Lucy, Big Race with Jackson in mind.

“I feel like I wrote the Lucy book really largely with Jackson in mind. I conceived the book during a time when I knew Tori was pregnant and we knew Jackson was going to be a little person,” he revealed.

“Believing, having hope and faith that you can be something and going about the hard work of executing that dream regardless of your circumstances, is the focus of the Lucy book. The most important message for kids in my mind is resilience,” noted Matt Roloff.

Little People, Big World airs on TLC.