Experts Reveal Their Top Tips For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

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Research has revealed that one in four Brits has contingency plans to survive a style zombie apocalypse, but would you know what to do if the walking dead ruled the Earth?

Admittedly, it may not be a question that keeps you up at night but as all good Boy Scouts know, “fail to prepare prepare to fail.” In other words, when it all goes down, you better be ready.

According to the Mirror, researchers at NOW TV, who commissioned the study to celebrate the return of The Walking Dead to our screens, have discovered that one of six Brits has also given serious thought to putting together a survival kit in the event of a zombie takeover.

Must-have items to pack in the advent of a zombie apocalypse included torches, matches, water bottles, and condoms. Who would have thought STDs and birth control would be a big issue when the dead come back to life?

Zombie expert Professor Lewis Dartnell (Yes, there is such a thing) has compiled a list of tips on how to stay one step ahead of an animated corpse.

As always destination is everything and the professor believes your first port of call when the dead refuse to remain buried should be the nearest camping shop.

You’ll need to stay warm and dry during a zombie apocalypse so some sturdy waterproofs and a good tent will be just the ticket. You’re going to be doing a lot of running away from hungry zombies as well, so sensible footwear in the form of hiking boots should ensure you don’t slip up and become someone’s snack.

A Zombie in a police officer's uniform.
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Running water will be a thing of the past in the event of a zombie apocalypse so some iodine tables will be a good bet. Chuck a few in some stagnant water and it may not taste nice but at least it’ll be drinkable, in theory.

You could also purify water by the process of solar disinfection. Fill up a plastic bottle and leave it in the sun for a day. After 24 hours, the UV rays should have killed off any germs.

A can of hairspray is great for starting a fire when the conditions are tricky. Remember those condoms everyone was so eager to pack? It’s because a standard condom can hold over a gallon of water. Also if you have any tampons lying around, they make a perfect dressing to plug a bleeding wound.

And if you really don’t like walking, remember, you can still use cars even when the refined fuel has run out. You just have to do what they did in World War II and use wood instead. The process is called “gasification” but you’ll need to brush up on exactly how it works beforehand.

Now you’ve got your kit together, it’s advisable to leave the city and head for the hills and rural isolation. Zombies love a good city and it’ll take them a while before they fan out to the more remote and secluded areas.

The professor recommends a seaside location near a large wood. Lots of natural resources you see. A secluded spot with high walls and fences is considered ideal. And one more thing. Lone wolves don’t tend to last all that long in the post-apocalyptic world, so make sure you chum up with some like-minded souls to carry the burden.

Sadly though, no matter what preparations are put in place, one in 10 people believe they would only last a week in a post-apocalyptic world.

Hardly seems worth the effort does it?