‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Talks Being ‘Open’ With Fans Via Social Media

The actress shared why she aims to be real with her fanbase.

Lili Reinhart social media
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The actress shared why she aims to be real with her fanbase.

Most people, especially celebrities, try to come off as a perfect person on their social media accounts. Not Lili Reinhart, best known for playing Betty on the hit show Riverdale. Reinhart, a gorgeous girl with her dream job, still struggles with body image and mental health issues, and she’s very honest about these insecurities on her social media accounts. According to Entertainment Tonight, it’s important for her to be transparent with her fans.

“I try to [be open] because I’m not putting on a show,” Reinhart explained in an interview on Monday, October 8. “… I’m not trying to look perfect… my life in general is not extremely glamorous. I do a lot of really cool and glamorous things, but that’s not my day to day. So I like to show off myself as being in my natural habitat, which is pretty much just in my bed, eating.”

Reinhart’s relatability and outspokenness have earned her lots of fans and followers, including 2.17 million Twitter followers and a staggering 12.1 million Instagram followers. Actress M├Ądchen Amick, who plays Betty’s mom on Riverdale, praised the actress for her honesty.

“Just talking about body consciousness or mental health awareness or just being real,” Amick told ET. “Like using her social media to be an average girl that happens to be an actress, and I think that’s great for young viewers that look up to her.”

Actress Lili Reinhart taking a picture with a fan at the new H&M Westfield Century City opening
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Still, Reinhart struggles to determine what’s appropriate to post and explained to Teen Vogue that while she wants to be “authentic,” there are still some things about her personal life she wants to keep to herself. Though she doesn’t specify what things she’s referring to, fans can probably guess one of them is her romantic relationship with co-star Cole Sprouse, which she tries her best to stay mum about.

Reinhart has also spoken out about not wanting to be pigeonholed as “the girl who talks about depression.” Still, fans admire her for talking about these very real problems. For instance, upon sharing a close-up photo of her acne on Instagram, her account was flooded with comments from people thanking her for being a positive role model.

Reinhart recently told People that while she understands she’s helping others with these posts, she actually finds them very “therapeutic” for herself. Just how her fans appreciate that they can relate to her, she appreciates the reminder that she’s not alone in her struggles. While social media has the ability to set unrealistic expectations, Reinhart is one of the few using her platform to make positive change.