Susan Rice To Consider Running Against Susan Collins After Midterms

Win McNameeGetty Images

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice said that she would make the final decision about running against Senator Susan Collins after this fall’s midterms, The Hill reports.

“I have been moved by the enthusiasm. I’m going to give it due consideration after the midterms.”

Rumors of Rice possibly running against Collins started after the national security adviser responded to a Twitter post which asked: “Who wants to run for Senate in Maine?”

Simply by writing “me,” Rice seems to have galvanized the Democratic base, angry at Collins over her support for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh.

Rice later said that the tweet should not have been interpreted as an official announcement, writing the following.

“Many thanks for the encouragement. I’m not making any announcements. Like so many Americans, I am deeply disappointed in Senator Collins’ vote for Kavanaugh. Maine and America deserve better.”

As detailed by a previous Inquisitr report, activists lead by Ady Barkan have pledged to donate millions for a future Democratic opponent of Senator Susan Collins.

In a statement supplied to Newsmax, Collins slammed the campaign calling it a “bribe,” arguing that it “demonstrates the new lows to which the judge’s opponents have stooped.”

Earlier today, as the Inquisitr reported, former Obama White House Communications Director Jen Psaki described Collins’ support for Kavanaugh as “fake feminism,” joining dozens of others on the American left who have strongly criticized the Maine senator.

If she was to decide to run against Collins, Susan Rice would be bankrolled by anti-Collins activists, which could make the race a lot easier for her, and possibly more interesting in general, since the activists’ campaign finance model has been described as being unique, and vastly different from finance models usually seen in American politics.


Collins dismissed a possible challenge from the former national security adviser, saying that “everybody knows” that Rice does not live in Maine, according to The Hill.

Rice, however, defended her ties to Maine, arguing that they are “long and deep,” since her family emigrated to Portland in 1912, raising five children in the state. Rice also claims to own property in Maine.

Rice also warned that her family’s home state is a “complicated” political environment, adding that she will have to do more research before reaching the final decision.

“It’s a complicated political environment. There are lots of good Democrats in the state of Maine. I will have to do a lot more homework before I make a decision,” she concluded.