8-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Duct Taped At Indiana School [Video]

The parents of an 8-year-old child with Down syndrome were outraged to find that their daughter had been duct taped during school. When Shaylyn returned home from her Wayne Township, Indiana school, her feet were secured together with duct tape.

When father Nate Searcy approached the bus his daughter was riding, he realized something was wrong. His daughter was unable to walk due to the duct tape around her ankles. She had to be carried off the bus by her father.

As reported by 23ABC, Searcy was informed that his daughter’s ankles had been taped before leaving the school. The bus driver reportedly observed school officials bringing Shaylyn out of the school in a wheelchair as she was unable to walk.

According to the parents, the duct tape was so tight it was beginning to cut off circulation and left bruises on her ankles.

Shaylyn’s parents admit that their 8-year-old daughter’s behavior can be difficult as she has Down syndrome, but they never expected her to be duct taped at school. Previously, if there were problems, the school made contact with the parents so they could work together.

As reported by News Net 5, school officials have released a statement about the incident:

“We have had the opportunity to meet with the parents of the student involved in this reported incident and have begun our own investigation. We have notified the Indiana Department of Child Services of the incident, and if warranted, we will file a report with the agency. We have also involved our own law enforcement officers in the investigation. When the investigation into this incident is concluded, we will take appropriate action.”

The Searcys worry that the incident will have a lasting impact on their daughter. It may be more difficult to discuss the situation with Shaylyn due to the Down syndrome. Nancy Searcy is concerned that her 8-year-old daughter will fear being duct taped at school any time she does something wrong.