Right-Wing News Outlet ‘The Federalist’ Says Brett Kavanaugh Should Sue Christine Blasey Ford For $20 Million

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

With the controversy surrounding the recent Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, public and media opinions around the event have been abundant and strong. One such opinion is that Christine Blasey Ford should be sued by Brett Kavanaugh for libel and slander, as written by Daniel Oliver in The Federalist on Saturday. In the article, Oliver compared Kavanaugh’s hearing to a victory 1,286 years ago, calling it the “Second Battle of Tours.”

“Now the Democrats are the invaders, come years ago to spoil our culture,” Oliver stated in the article.

Oliver thinks the problem is that Kavanaugh was allegedly presumed guilty without the American benefit of innocence before evidence. The writer alleges that Ford’s actions against Kavanaugh were illegal because she had no evidence to back her claims, and that they were part of a scheme to smear the Supreme Court nominee’s name.

“Our law provides a remedy for the nightmare Judge Kavanaugh has been through. Sue!… Kavanaugh has been libeled and slandered. For that the law offers redress. He should sue Ford and the Washington Post. For $20 million. Each,” said Oliver.

The right-wing writer also claims that Ford wouldn’t stand a chance in court if Kavanaugh were to bring charges against her. Apparently, it’s expensive to hire defense for charges in a libel case, and Oliver doesn’t seem to think that Ford would have the funds necessary to do so. He speculates that perhaps Ford’s liberal supporters would raise funds to help her defend herself in such a case.

“… [libel suits are cheap to bring, expensive to defend]. But perhaps her supporters in liberal land can run a crowd-funding operation for her,” stated Oliver in his article.

Finally, the author claims that Kavanaugh’s confirmation process may have been challenging because of the supposed libel and slander, but that the future will keep getting “worse” because of Democrats “changing the culture.”

“Here is what ordinary Americans have to understand: It can always get worse, and it will, until we change the culture. Until then, there’s a Ford in all our futures,” warned Oliver at the end of the story.

The author bio at the end of Daniel Oliver’s article lists that he is the chairman of the board of the Education and Research Institute and the director of Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy in San Francisco. He was also chairman of the Federal Trade Commission under President Reagan, as well as executive editor and chairman for the board of William F. Buckley Jr.’s National Review.