‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Stalked And Heckled By ‘The Good Liars’

Slaven VlasicGetty Images

Fox News television personality Brian Kilmeade experienced some pretty rough travels through the streets of New York City on Friday, October 5. The Fox & Friends host was as accessible as he typically is while commuting from one place to the next for his work-week endeavors, only this time, he was recognized by a duo of pranksters who’ve been known to bust chops.

The faces of Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler may ring as familiar to those who recall them making headlines for their tendency to show up and disrupt rallies held during the 2016 Presidential Election primaries. As The Nation reported at the time, Selvig and Stiefler were making their names as The Good Liars prankster duo, courtesy of their expulsion from stumps held by everyone from Marco Rubio to Chris Christie. It was at a New Hampshire rally where Rubio’s security team had to go to work after Stiefler stood up and began openly accusing the Florida senator of stealing his girlfriend. Needless to say, a recording of the stunt would go viral on Twitter, thereby putting the proclaimed “guerilla comedians” on the map.

On Friday, The Good Liars found a way to trend again, and to the misfortune of Kilmeade it wound up being at his expense. A video compiling shots taken throughout the pair’s quest to stalk, and essentially harass Kilmeade, starts with Selvig inviting himself to a selfie with the conservative pundit. Soon after the friendly encounter, it would dawn on Kilmeade that he was being trolled, as Selvig began inquiring into allegations of sexism that Gretchen Carlson has raised against him in the past.

Selvig and Stiefler would eventually trail Kilmeade into the subway, where they followed along on his train commute. All the while, they continued to poke and at one point went so far as to invite other straphangers to get in on the action. “Hey everyone, this is Brian Kilmeade, he says lots of weird, kinda racisty stuff on the news a lot,” Stiefler is seen saying before Selvig intercedes to add that Kilmeade “is the closest personal adviser to Donald Trump.”

The video then shows riders shouting their Trump-related grievances over to Kilmeade after Selvig offers up the opportunity to let it be known should anyone present in the train car have a message they wish for him to convey to the President. “He’s a career criminal, he’s a traitor, he should go to hell!” the clip gets an unidentified women yelling moments in advance of a man hollering that he ought to “Stop grabbing pussies!”

The Good Liars stunt didn’t reach its conclusion until the men all wound up at a coffee shop counter, where Selvig got on one knee to plead that Kilmeade accept his offer of $10 to ask President Trump to resign.