Drake Supports Conor McGregor At UFC 229 Weigh-In While Wearing Irish Flag

Drake recently reminded people that he’s a big Conor McGregor fan when he popped up at the UFC 229 weigh-in draped in an Irish flag. A video posted on Sports Center’s Twitter page shows the “In My Feelings” rapper, shaking McGregor’s hand and hugging him at the event.

According to MMA Junkie, Drake is a longtime fan of the UFC champion. During the press tour for the McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight, Drake voiced his support for the Irishman via a lengthy introduction for McGregor in Toronto.

Photos after the weigh-in show Drake and McGregor hanging out together.

But it looks like lots of people weren’t aware of Drake’s McGregor fandom and seemed to think that he was only now jumping on the bandwagon, SB Nation reports. He’s known for adopting accents and cultures when it suits him, so to some, his appearance at the weigh-in seemed par for the course.

“Drake loves trying to absorb the energy of anyone who’s getting attention at the moment,” a Twitter user with the handle @_Zeets wrote. “I’ve been calling him Shang Tsung for years now.”

“Drake rapping with a fake Irish accent gonna be fire or nah,” @marcohenry tweeted.

But Drake’s pop up at the UFC 229 weigh-in wasn’t the only noteworthy thing that happened at the event. McGregor also squared off with his opponent, Khabib Nurmagomedov, and gave him a taste of what he could expect when they meet in the octagon. MMA Fighting reports that McGregor attempted to kick Nurmagomedov but was held back by UFC chairman Dana White, based on a video of the incident posted on the site.

McGregor also insulted his opponent at the weigh-in.

“Don’t let that smelly rat put that hat on your head, Joe,” McGregor said, apparently in reference to the furry hat that Nurmagomedov wore to the event. “The smell of that f***ing thing. Don’t ever let him put that hat on your head.”

But Nurmagomedov didn’t back down and had some trash talk of his own to offer.

“Tomorrow night, I’m going to smash your boy, guys. I’m going to smash your boy,” Nurmagomedov said to the large crowd of Irish supporters who had come to support McGregor. “And I want to say thank you all Irish fans, all fans around the world. Because of you guys, this fight is happening. Thank you guys and tomorrow night, inshallah, and still.”

UFC 229 will be held on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.