Kate Middleton And Her Baby Bump To Make Second Official Appearance Since Pregnancy Announcement

Kate Middleton and her baby bump will make the second official appearance since the royal announced her pregnancy last year.

The Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William will appear at Hope House, a women’s rehabilitation facility in London on February 19, the Los Angeles Times noted. There she and Prince William will meet with women recovering from substance abuse and compulsive disorders.

It’s been nearly a month since Kate Middleton’s first official appearance. at the National Portrait Gallery in London. There her controversial official portrait was unveiled on January 11.With the Duchess stricken with severe morning sickness, her public appearances have been few, though the UK’s Mirror said she’s still been busy working behind the scenes with her charities.

While the next official appearance is still two weeks away, those itching to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton’s growing baby bump can turn to one of those few “unofficial” appearances. Middleton was spotted recently while on a shopping trip, with her baby bump growing more noticeable.

That appearance also led to reports that Middleton may be getting over the severe morning sickness that led to her hospitalization back in the fall.

People noted:

“With her hair back in a ponytail, the Duchess of Cambridge, 30, pulled her look together with a black scarf, black leggings and riding boots … The mother-to-be was also recently spotted in London’s Chelsea neighborhood shopping for jeggings at the Gap.”

Kate Middleton and her baby bump will likely be the source of much more speculation between now and the baby’s due date in July. Her pregnancy has been front-page news in the UK since her pregnancy announcement last year, with bookmakers even taking bets on the baby’s name and birth date.