MLB Spring Training Begins February 21, Ticket Prices Average $60

MLB Spring Training will kick off February 21, 2013 when the Northeastern Huskies and the Boston College Eagles take on the Boston Red Sox in a double-header.

Spring training may not hold any weight when it comes to a teams playoff run, but, unlike other sports, the league’s best players tend to see more playing time and are typically close to regular season playing shape after competing in winter leagues.

Investigating the average cost of tickets the team at ticket sales platform, SeatCrunch found listed prices ranging from $32 to $179 for each pre-season game. The average price of an MLB spring training ticket is $60.

$60 is a steep price to pay for a pre-season game, but that pricing is still below the regular season average of $100.

According to Andrew Powell-Morse, head of data and analytics at SeatCrunch:

“Right now, the price for tickets decreases depending on how deep into the season they are, but prices should adjust according to the success of the teams playing, star power, and other factors.”

It could be an interesting year in the MLB where top ranked teams include the The Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, and Oakland Athletics.

With the NFL season now over, baseball fans in warming climates have reason to run out and purchase tickets. If you want to find spring training games near your location, the MLB runs an official spring training website at

Will you be purchasing $60 tickets for MLB spring training, or do you prefer to catch regular season games and cheer your team on towards a playoff berth?