Florida’s New Business Logo Called Sexist By Critics

The new Florida business logo is being called sexist by some critics. The logo was unveiled on Thursday and, instead of promoting the state’s economic development, it has caused a gender debate.

Enterprise Florida’s new logo consists of the word “FLORIDA” written in green letters. The “I” is represented with an orange necktie. The tag line is, “The Perfect Climate For Business.”

Fox News reports that some of the logo’s critics include women business leaders, who allege that the logo is sexist, because most women don’t wear a necktie.

Pamela Rogan, the President of the Central Florida Chapter of NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) stated of the new Florida logo:

“I thought immediately that it set us back, all the work that we’ve done. It’s not that they have to make it pink or ‘girlie,’ but maybe put a briefcase or something like and iPhone or a smartphone in there to represent business.”

Rogan added, “There are a lot of other icons I think can better represent business.” The Sun-Sentinel notes that Stuart Doyle, a spokesman for Enterprise Florida, stated that the tie in the new logo is a “universal symbol of business.”

He added that the new brand was vetted by On Ideas, a creative agency based in Jacksonville. The agency had discussions with 25 women chief marketing officers before it was unveiled. The logo was presented to the Enterprise Florida board before it was released to the public.

Do you think Enterprise Florida’s new logo is sexist?