Extremely Efficient Thief Robs Two Banks In 15 Minutes

Authorities are looking for an extremely efficient thief who managed to rob two banks in 15 minutes.

Though we wouldn’t advise taking time management cues from an efficient thief, there’s something to be said for taking down two banks in under 15 minutes. An unknown female bank robber did just that in Washington DC, and managed to walk away from both financial institutions with money in her pocket, reports Reuters.

The efficient thief was described as a possibly Hispanic woman with dark hair and a bandage on her face, wearing a “puffy” jacket, a black scarf, black pants, white shoes, and sunglasses, reports MSN. She strolled into a PNC Bank on Wisconsin Avenue to make her highly illegal withdrawal, sliding the teller a note demanding money at about 9:13am Monday.

The teller have her the cash, and she then went to another bank, a Bank of America Corp branch on Connecticut Avenue, at around 9:28am, pulling the same routine. She was successful there, as well.

The FBI said that she told tellers at both locations that she had a gun. They did not disclose the amount of money she managed to steal from both banks.

Probably the most interesting thing about this story, to me, is the bank footage. She appears extremely calm in the stills, and even looks up at one of the cameras. She could be a mom who just dropped her kids off at school for all we know.

extremely efficient bank robber

In any case, the extremely efficient thief is still on the loose in the DC area, so be on the lookout for a relatively meek, possibly Hispanic woman.