October 2, 2018
WWE News: Rey Mysterio's Return Date Now Revealed, And It's Sooner Than You Think

For years now, there have been rumors that Rey Mysterio would be coming back to WWE for one final run. Time after time, those rumors ended up fading away -- and the exciting masked man never made it back. Sure, he's come back for a one-off appearance here and there, but a contract was never in place for a major return. Now, the deal is in place -- and Rey Mysterio's return date is almost upon the fans already.

According to PW Insider, the deal for Rey Mysterio is in place and has been signed. Last month, he inked a two year deal with the WWE -- but there is an option for an early out should an emergency arise.

With the deal in place, it's now only a matter of time until the high-flyer returns to WWE programming. Rey Mysterio will be working a full-time role in WWE as of October 16, 2018, and he will make his official return at the SmackDown 1000 special episode.

While a number of names from the past are going to appear on that show, some of them are going to be re-appearing for a single night only. Rey Mysterio's return on that Tuesday night will be the start of his next run in WWE.

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Back in January, Rey Mysterio returned to WWE for the first time in a long time -- taking part in the Royal Rumble. After that, he returned to participate in the Greatest Royal Rumble, and even wrestled at All In at the beginning of September. Despite all of this, nothing had been leaked to fans indicating that he was back for good.

Sometime last month, Rey Mysterio agreed to his two year contract with WWE, though he was hoping to get it down to 18 months. The superstar did work a clause into his contract which will allow him to opt out at 18 months -- if he gives notice to the company ahead of time.

Mysterio's last independent date was completed in Chicago on September 2, 2018.

There are going to be a number of surprises for SmackDown 1000, and Rey Mysterio will certainly be one of them for fans who do not follow the online dirt sheets. The same can be said for Batista -- who WWE revealed will be on the show to reunite with Evolution for the night.

Rey Mysterio hasn't been under full contract with WWE since 2015, and some wondered if he would ever make his official return. The time has finally come and the deal is in place, but it will still be a few weeks before the former champion takes his place within the squared circle. When SmackDown 1000 takes place in two weeks, it will mark the true comeback of one of the most exciting superstars in WWE history.