‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 15 Recap, Spoilers: After Sikorsky, Oliver Targets Doyle Next

Baki Season 3 Episode 15, which is currently available at Netflix, started with Biscuit Oliver successfully defeating Sikorsky with one punch. Oliver handed the death row inmate to Morio Sonoda, the Commissioner of the Japanese Police Department, and told him that he would soon find the two remaining criminals. Baki expressed a huge amusement on Oliver’s power and his incredible physique.

When they returned to the Japanese Police Department, Oliver immediately searched for information about Hector Doyle. However, he was not aware that his next target was on the same building. A tall policewoman entered his room and gave him a cup of coffee. Oliver had a brief conversation with the policewoman about Doyle and later realized that the one he was talking to was one of the dangerous death row inmates.

Baki Season 3 Episode 15 featured the bloody fight between Oliver and Doyle. After revealing himself, Doyle immediately attacked Oliver using the blade in his elbow. Doyle managed to cut Oliver’s face. At first, the strongest man in the USA looked fine, but as time passed by, he started to feel something wrong with his body and collapsed.

Doyle revealed that the blade he used contained a numbing agent. After being wounded for the second time, Oliver regained his consciousness and took revenge. Oliver slammed Doyle into the ground, hard enough to shake the entire building. The police tried to check what is happening inside the room, but Oliver told them that there’s nothing to be worried about.

Doyle continued with his unique fighting style, attacking Oliver with the blade in his heels. The death row inmate caught Oliver off guard and stabbed him using a small knife. Sonoda, together with Goki Shibukawa, entered the room using his own key and was shocked to see the place covered with blood. Sonoda later realized that Oliver was attacked by one of the death row inmates after seeing the deep wound on his stomach.

Baki Season 3 Episode 15 also showed the first meeting between Oliver and Shibukawa. Sonoda was surprised to know that the “Unchain” recognized Shibukawa. Oliver underestimated the old man at first, but Shibukawa succeeded to earn his respect after showing his incredible fighting technique. Oliver became interested in learning Shibukawa’s fighting style and decided to visit one of his gyms.

Oliver went on a Judo class and started fighting Shibukawa’s students. As expected, Oliver easily defeated his opponents, including a giant. While Oliver is busy learning a new skill, Doyle is planning his next move to defeat the strongest man in the USA.