Jordan Loewe, Track Palin’s Ex, Identified As The Woman In His Domestic Violence Arrest

When Sarah Palin’s oldest son Track was arrested on Friday for assault, the reports read that the woman he allegedly attacked was an “unknown female companion,” but it was his ex-girlfriend and mother of his second child, Jordan Loewe. Now that the incident report has been made public, it is clear that Palin’s probation is seriously at risk.

Jordan Loewe, the mother of Palin’s toddler son Charlie, told police she was attempting to drop the child off at Palin’s house when he prevented her from leaving his home, says RadarOnline. Loewe said that Palin wouldn’t let her leave until she gave him a hug, and she says she reluctantly agreed, but then he still blocked her exit. “You can’t leave.”

Loewe says he then took her phone so she couldn’t call the police, but she made a run for it, leaving her phone behind. She says Palin “followed her out and was on top of her, hitting her in the head.”

Palin’s ex-girlfriend got away from Palin, grabbed their son, all the while, Track Palin “continued to hit her in the back of the head and butt,” she says in the police complaint.

Loewe says she was screaming for help and trying to get her phone back so she could call the police. Police noted in the report that she had scratches and redness on the back of her head and on her neck.

Track Palin made things worse when he resisted arrest, according to the Alaska State Troopers, “kicking a coffee table and tensed his arm” as officers attempted to arrest him.

“Palin was booked for fourth-degree assault, interfering with a report of a crime involving domestic violence, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.”

In Track Palin’s first domestic violence arrest, Loewe was also the victim, held at gunpoint while the police were outside the house, trying to talk him down. In January, she told the press that Palin assaulted her during her pregnancy, but his mother, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin pressured her not to go to the police. She says that it wasn’t until after Track Palin was arrested for beating his father that she finally got an apology from Todd and Sarah Palin.

Loewe says that she has had restraining orders against Palin, as has his former wife, Britta Hanson, who got the no-contact order for herself and their daughter, Kayla.

Track Palin’s next court date is in November, and he is expected to be monitored until them when he is not behind bars. Palin was already on probation for the assault on his father, Todd.

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