Track Palin’s Ex Says Sarah Palin Pressured Her To Stay Mum About Domestic Violence

Jordan Loewe, the ex of Track Palin, says that Sarah Palin continuously pressured her to stay quiet about the domestic violence she suffered at the hands of Track Palin. Loewe says that Sarah Palin knew that Track Palin was assaulting her while she was pregnant, and after she gave birth to son Charlie. Loewe says that Sarah Palin always had excuses why she shouldn’t call the police, like when Sarah Palin was about to give a speech supporting Donald Trump. Jordan Loewe explains that it wasn’t until after Track Palin assaulted his father Todd and Sarah Palin called the police that she got an apology from Todd Palin saying he was sorry for the abuse she was suffering from Track Palin.

Jordan Loewe Says Now That Track Palin Assaulted Todd Palin, She Has Family Sympathy

Track Palin is currently out on bail after he reportedly broke into the home of his parents, Sarah and Todd Palin, after taking prescription drugs. Todd Palin was injured when Track Palin assaulted him after breaking a window.

Police say that it took a while to get Track Palin to speak to them and tell them his side of the story. Sarah Palin said that Todd Palin had told Track Palin that he could not borrow their truck because he was drinking and on drugs, but Track said he was coming over, and if Track didn’t give him the keys, he planned to beat him.

“Track stated he had a disagreement and that there had been threats made between them. Track stated that he then drove over to Todd’s house and when he arrived Todd had a gun in his hand.”

Jordan Loewe Says She Suffered Regular Abuse From Track Palin

But Jordan Loewe says that the abuse that Todd Palin suffered on that day in December was what she was dealing with on a regular basis, and she says Track Palin’s mother, Sarah Palin, knew, says Daily Mail. Loewe said that when she told Sarah Palin she was going to call the police on Track Palin, Sarah Palin made up excuses for Track’s rage, explaining that since he left the military, and stopped playing ice hockey, he no longer had an outlet for his rage. Sarah Palin said that this was the first time Track didn’t have an outlet.

“Track has always had an outlet for his violence.”

But Jordan Loewe says that there was no time when Track didn’t put his hands on her. Loewe says when she was 7 months pregnant, Track Palin choked her, and he then attacked her again just after their son Charlie was born and she was holding the baby in her arms. Loewe says that’s when she decided to break things off with Track.

Jordan Loewe says that even though she broke down and called the police a few times, Sarah Palin urged her not to, and Loewe got “the cold shoulder” when she broke down and dialed 911.

Loewe Says When She Would Call 911, The Palins Would Send Her Angry Texts

“I was very particular about when I called the police and I didn’t call them often. If I had called the police every time he pulled out a gun, then he would be in jail. To his family, I was still kind of the bad guy for calling the police and blowing this up. The answer to them is, ‘we don’t call the police because that’s our reputation’. I don’t really know what they believe but I definitely got some rude text messages, to say the least, about calling the police.”

Jordan Loewe says that she broke things off for good with Track Palin and got a restraining order when she realized that he was either going to kill himself or kill her.

But Loewe says that she finally got support from the Palin family after Track Palin assaulted Todd Palin, and got arrested. Jordan Loewe says she got an apology text from Todd Palin.

“I’m sorry for the hell Track put you through.”

Track Palin Pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ To Assaulting Father Todd Palin

After Track Palin assaulted father Todd Palin, many members of the Palin family have decided not to see him, says the Western Journal. Last week, Track Palin pleaded not guilty to assaulting his father and breaking into the Palin family home. Track Palin did not appear in court in person but was on the telephone to make his plea. Track Palin is wearing an ankle monitor and is currently under house arrest.

Track Palin’s ex-wife Britta Hanson currently has a protective order which keeps Track Palin away from herself and their daughter Kayla, and Jordan Loewe, Palin’s former girlfriend has filed for full custody of their son Charlie.

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