Dr. Seuss Books Take 20 Years To Arrive, They Had Quite A Long Drive

When shopping for bargains, it is occasionally necessary for avid bargain shoppers to make some sacrifices in the name of the deal. But when Vera Walker ordered some Dr. Seuss books on sale for her granddaughter 20 years ago, she expected to have them in about 8 weeks, not 20 years later. She ordered the books for her four-year old granddaughter when she spotted the ad in a catalog. The books were Cash on Delivery, and a price that seemed good to Walker, who wanted to surprise her granddaughter.

WCVB reports on this incredible story of a long-awaited special delivery. Walker ordered the books for her young granddaughter, then waited. And she kept on waiting and waiting – well past the the end of 1998, when she ordered the books. Her granddaughter was just starting school at the time, and Walker was excited to read her the classic children’s stories.

But the 20-year delay in delivering the package kept her from doing that, and Walker had basically forgotten all about the order until she heard from the post office. She turned their mistake into her own opportunity. She suddenly discovered the books in a package delivered to her home this past week. Apparently they had been incorrectly stored at the post office, and finally made their way to Walker. When she opened the package and saw 1998 on the invoice, she screamed, she said. When unpacked, the books were in decent condition and undamaged.

Children read from Dr. Seuss books.

Now Walker is able to share the books with her great grandson – her granddaughter has since had a child of her own. Walker ordered the books Cash on Delivery, but the company who supplied them was absorbed by Scholastic many years ago. So it looks like Walker may have truly gotten a bargain – free books! She just had to wait 20 years for them to arrive.

It’s certainly not the first time items have been lost and found years later at the post office. KJRH reports that a Bartlesville, OK post office has recently admitted to losing several days worth of mail. Residents were frustrated with the situation because their bills were being paid late, as earlier copies did not show up.

Also, according to a previous Inquisitr article, a postal worker in Wisconsin was recently arrested for stealing more than $6,000 from greeting cards and gift cards. She would filter mail with gift cards, checks, and cash, put them in her post office sack, open them, and steal the goodies inside.

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