Meghan Markle's Secret To Happiness Revealed

Simon Alvarez

An old post from Meghan Markle's old blog has resurfaced lately about her secret to happiness. In the post, the Duchess of Sussex talks about the man who helped her discover the secret and to many people's surprise, it was not Prince Harry.

According to Independent UK, Prince Harry's wife thanked a man named Light Watkins for telling her the secret to happiness. Based her now-defunct blog, The Tig, the former actress was eager to hear Light's take on meditation after finding out he was a Vedic meditation coach.

"Turns out Light is a Vedic Meditation coach. That type of meditation that Russell Simmons swears by, that people say changes their life and the trajectory of their future--more success, more fulfillment, more happiness, less worry."

According to Will Williams Meditation, Vedic meditation has roots in ancient north India and its existence can be traced back to 10,000 years ago. The method is named after the Vedic civilization. Unfortunately, the Vedic peoples' knowledge has not been passed down intact. However, Vedic meditation, or at least the majority of it, seems to have survived, unharmed.

Duchess Meghan shared the words she exchanged with Light and goes through the steps in Vedic Meditation step-by-step.

The first step is to get comfortable. The Duchess of Sussex does strongly advise sitting upright throughout the whole ten-minute meditation. The former TV star also recommended getting comfortable.

Second on the Vedic meditation list is to figure out what time it will end. The whole session should take ten minutes total. She advises against alarms because it could shock the meditator at the end, thereby completing the session on the wrong note. Instead, keep an eye on the time now and then.

" In a typical meditation, you'll begin by noticing your breathing for a minute or two, then you'll get lost in thoughts for a minute or two, then you'll remember you're meditating, and slowly return to noticing your breath for a little while, then you'll get lost again."