Bernie Sanders Gets Brutal ‘Smack Down’ From Chairman Chuck Grassley In Sarcastic Letter

CNN contributor Scott Jennings shared a letter to Twitter in which Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley sarcastically delivered a 'smack down' to Bernie Sanders.

Senator Bernie Sanders in public.
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

CNN contributor Scott Jennings shared a letter to Twitter in which Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley sarcastically delivered a 'smack down' to Bernie Sanders.

While Bernie Sanders receives a lot of positive press from media outlets, today’s news may not be so bright for the far-left leaning Vermont Senator. As the Daily Wire details, the man who sought the Democratic nomination during the 2016 presidential election was on the receiving end of a scathingly sarcastic letter, penned by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley yesterday.

Originally gaining prominence via a Twitter share from CNN contributor Scott Jennings — who described the missive from the Republican lawmaker as a “smackdown” of Bernie Sanders — the content of the letter makes it very clear that Grassley does not consider Sanders’ apparent inquiries into the Kavanaugh case to be made in good faith.

Grassley begins his letter by reminding Sanders — as he notes, of facts of which the senator is very much aware — that Sanders spoke of the necessity to “mobilize the American people to defeat” Judge Brett Kavanaugh less than 24 hours after President Trump had named him as the official nominee to the Supreme Court. The insinuation is clear — Grassley is making the case that Sanders’ opposition to Kavanaugh has been a matter of political gamesmanship all along, noisily increasing as potential confirmation draws closer.

Grassley continues with this line of reasoning, laying out the enormous corpus of documented decisions made by Judge Kavanaugh over a period of 12 years, as well as his conduct during over 40 hours of live testimony surrounding his current nomination. Stating that Sanders, despite having access to such a large body of existing evidence and established platform planks to survey in order to ostensibly make a fair-minded vote, “made a decision on this nomination in less than 24 hours.” Grassley further indicts Sanders for a lack of professionalism, making another allusion to his having acceded to partisan realpolitik.

“Your public statements clearly reveal how unimportant it is to you to review any facts related to this nomination,” the Republican chairman begins his next paragraph, laying the groundwork for the next few sentences, which systematically and altogether sarcastically assume that Senator Sanders is now undecided and seeking out new evidence in earnest curiosity. As RedState reports, it is eminently clear from the tone of this formal letter that Senator Grassley has lost patience with what he perceives to be Sanders’ pretense.

The letter concludes with a bitingly sharp sentence that infers that Senator Sanders and his Democratic Party colleagues are engaging in tactical delays and brinksmanship in order to block Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination right up until the final moments.

“I appreciate your raising concerns, which others have already raised, at this eleventh hour.”

With reaction on Twitter being mixed — although the replies to Jennings’ tweet with the highest number of likes attached are in support of Grassley’s sentiment — it appears that there can be no firm conclusion as to where the electorate stands on the nomination proceedings in the court of public opinion just yet.

Nevertheless, this letter — printed on official United States Senate letterhead and signed by the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman himself — shows just how fractured and full of animosity these proceedings have become.