Steve Bannon Predicts Donald Trump Will Be Impeached If Republicans Lose The House After Midterm Elections

Sean Gallup Getty Images

When appearing on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Steve Bannon took aim at Donald Trump and predicted that the president will almost certainly be impeached if Republicans lose the House of Representatives after the midterm elections that will be taking place on November 6.

As the Washington Times reported, Trump’s former chief strategist does not appear to hold much hope that the president will be staying in office if Democrats take over the House.

“If we lose the House, he’s gonna be impeached — this is a referendum on him.”

While Republicans are currently controlling the House of Representatives, holding 236 out of its 435 seats, with the Democrats holding a paltry 193, FiveThirtyEight predicts that there is a seven-in-nine chance (78.6 percent) that Democrats will hold the majority of seats once the midterm elections are over. It’s not looking at all good for Republicans right now, as it is predicted that they have only a 21.4 percent chance that they will retain their majority after November 6.

And as Steve Bannon explained, the upcoming elections may very well put Donald Trump’s presidency at risk as voters will be heading out in droves to decide whether Trump should remain in the White House, with Democrats deciding whether impeachment proceedings should begin if they win the House.

While some people may have been surprised after hearing Steve Bannon talk to Bill Maher about Donald Trump’s possible impeachment, his comments weren’t any different from what he has been saying over the past few months. According to ABC News, this summer, Bannon also explained that he believed the midterm elections were going to be “an up or down vote on the impeachment of Donald Trump.”

“This is Trump’s first re-election. It’s going to be this November.”

For Republicans who are fans of Trump and want to see him stay in the White House, Steve Bannon suggests that they vote in the midterms as if “Trump is on the ballot.”

When Bannon was speaking with Bill Maher, he explained that contrary to popular belief, he normally enjoys interviews with what he termed “hostile audiences” and “tough interviewers,” saying that it was excellent practice.

“I like going into hostile audiences with tough interviewers — I do very little conservative media now — I do CNN, BBC, The Economist. I go to the toughest places, toughest interviewers, and say hey, no holds barred, hostile audiences, let’s get it on…I think it sharpens the blade.”

As far as Donald Trump being impeached, Steve Bannon can be added to the list of people who feel that the November 6 midterm elections will be the deciding factor in the length of Trump’s presidency.