Sandusky Scandal: PA Attorney General Names Special Prosecuter

Pennsylvania’s attorney general has named the special prosecutor who will review how the Sandusky scandal was handled. Former football coach Jerry Sandusky is currently serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence for sexual crimes he committed against 10 young boys.

The investigation will focus on how the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case was handled by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. On Monday state attorney general Kathleen Kane named former federal prosecutor H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. as lead investigator of the scandal.

According to Reuters, Moulton is an associate professor at Widener University School of Law and has worked in the US Attorney’s office in Philadelphia. He was also the special investigator into 1993’s federal raid of the Branch Davidian headquarters in Waco, Texas.

Kathleen Kane, who was recently elected into her position, has publicly expressed dismay at the way Tom Corbett handled the Sandusky case. Corbett served as Pennsylvania’s top prosecutor between 1995 and 1997.

Kane has criticized Corbett’s decision to convene a grand jury which delayed prosecution for over two years. During her campaign, Kane vowed to hold a review of the process and Corbett has publicly welcomed the scrutiny.

An article by The Centre Daily Times writes that investigation will commence immediately with Moulton reporting his findings directly to Kane. The attorney general spoke in a statement of the review’s purpose and Moulton’s role:

“Mr. Moulton is a highly respected former federal prosecutor who will assist us in providing a comprehensive and independent examination of the facts surrounding the handling of the Sandusky investigation. Once the facts have been uncovered, my office will make these findings available to the public.”

Attorney General Kane and her special prosecutor have not publicly outlined a time frame for concluding their Sandusky scandal investigation.