Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards Says Prince Harry Has ‘Become More Aloof’ Since Marrying Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Prince Harry married former actress Meghan Markle in a televised wedding in May, and some say the Duke has “become more aloof” since then. As The Sun reports, Royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who has photographed the family since 1977, says that Prince Harry has gone through a “massive change” since his spring nuptials.

“I can see a massive change. He’s [Harry’s] become more aloof. He would always have a good relationship with the media. He would always engage in some way… that’s completely stopped now,” said Edwards in an interview with Yahoo‘s new series, The Royal Box.

“He’s just controlled.”

“He seems to have matured into a senior statesman of the royal family now,” Edwards said. He recalled an incident from a recent trip to Ireland, where Edwards went with Prince Harry to Croke Park, a place known as the home for a Gaelic sport called Hurling. At the park, the Duke was offered the chance to hit the ball, but he politely declined.

“There would have become a time when he would have hit that ball out of the ground I would assure you,” said Edwards. He added that Prince Charles had taken the opportunity just last year to participate in the game.

Edwards added that the Duke is “very protective” of his wife, given all the drama stemming from her father, Thomas Markle Sr., and her sister, Samantha Markle. Since Prince Harry and Markle’s wedding, Samantha and Thomas Sr. have slammed the newlyweds in the media and on Twitter, calling the Duchess of Sussex selfish and calling the Duke a coward. Thomas Sr. insists that the Royal family has put a strain on Markle and that it’s like she’s in a cult. He has also insisted that she’d be nothing without him. Given the drama with Markle’s family, Prince Harry and his wife have become far more selective with their inner circle and who they spend time with.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex
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“Now that he’s married, he’s very protective of Meghan. He’s changed a bit, yeah, I mean he’s still Harry and he’s still lovely and he’s still the most popular member of the royal family.”

When asked about Prince Harry and Markle’s relationship, the veteran photographer gushed about the newlyweds. He added that they are a very tactile couple, saying they never stop holding hands and that he makes it a point to be aware of where she is and that she is kept informed.

“He is very loved-up and he’s very much prepared to show it to everybody: this is the woman I love and this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,” said Edwards. Despite royal skeptics who wonder whether their relationship withstands the test of time, Edwards is certain they are meant for each other.

“They’ve not been married long, but it looks like it’s going to last.”