Ohio Police Called To Park For Report Of A Dead Body, On Closer Inspection They Find Out It's A Sex Doll

Police outside of Cincinnati were called to a park for a report of a dead, naked body.

When they arrived to investigate, officers found out it was actually something very, very different: a discarded sex doll.

The incident took place in Colerain Township, where Hamilton County engineers were working in the Richardson Forest Preserve and called police for what they believed was a dead body. As Fox 59 reported, the body appeared to be wrapped in a garbage bag and abandoned on a hillside.

When police got a closer look at the "body," they realized it was actually a sex doll that appeared to be a bit bruised and battered. Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney said officers opened the bag to find that inside was a life-sized female doll, one that, from a distance, looked just like a real person.

This is not the first strange police-related story from Colerain to make national headlines in recent days. Earlier in the month, a pair of teenagers were arrested for destroying Christmas decorations that a family had put up for their terminally ill child. As NBC News reported, a neighbor had seen the boys slashing the inflatable Christmas decorations and called police, who arrested the pair.

The decorations had been put up by the family of 2-year-old Brody Allen, who is facing a terminal cancer diagnosis and not expected to survive until Christmas. The boy loved the lights and decorations of the holiday, however, so his parents decided to make the most of his remaining time and decorate their home and lawn with Christmas figurines and lights.

As WLWT reported, the entire community came together to help the little boy, with many neighbors putting up their own Christmas lights and other members of the community showing up at the family's home to sing Christmas carols.

"I really think that love conquers all, and for whatever time Brody has left, I think we should celebrate that," neighbor Lisa Craig told WLWT.

Family members said it has been the perfect gift for a little boy who loves Christmas.

"In his mind it is just Christmas," McKenzie Allen, Brody's sister, told the New York Times. "He woke up one day and the Christmas tree was out. He doesn't know it isn't really Christmas. He is just enjoying it."

Police in Colerain Township were able to dispose of the sex doll, which they referred to as a "recreational mannequin."