Samantha Markle & Publicist Have Been Silent For Two Days Following Bombshell Claims She’s Headed To The UK

Four days ago, Meghan Markle’s sister had an announcement to make. She did so through her publicist, Rob Cooper, who made a statement via Twitter that Samantha was headed to the U.K. in order to meet with the duchess. Rob didn’t leave much room for confusion, as he said that “Samantha is coming to the UK this week, like it or not.”

This bombshell statement was accompanied by Samantha’s Twitter posts showing her in Italy. In one photo, she posed in Milan, praising the people there, saying they are “extraordinarily warm-hearted and beautiful!” And on September 25, Samantha also posted a short message, saying “Will be there soon.”

But since then, there haven’t been any new statements made by either party. Rob suggested he’s busy working on September 26, but hasn’t given an update on Samantha’s whereabouts or plans. On the other hand, Samantha hasn’t said anything further about her supposed trip to the U.K. Her last messages were posted on September 25, during which she talked about how much she enjoys her life.

“We create our own destinies by our choices. I am so very happy with all of mine, two master’s degrees, loving friends and family, and the world as my oyster. I feel truly blessed.”

Samantha also addressed the trolls in a separate message. This is what she had to say.

“To all of the trolls who think my sister got the life that I wanted, you are gravely mistaken. As big as my mouth is, you think I would want that life? I have so much fun it should be illegal. I love my life thank you very much. [laughing-crying emoji] [sunglasses smiley-face emoji]”

Perhaps Samantha is really heading to the U.K. and is getting ready to make a scene. On the other hand, E! Online suggested that it could all be a fake publicity stunt. They pointed out that Samantha has a history of making things up for media attention. This includes her supposed appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, as well as making the claim that her dad, Thomas, was going to launch a fashion line.

The publication went further to try to examine why Samantha is causing all of this drama. They think that one possibility is that she’s drumming up publicity for her new book. The original title for the book was going to be The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, but Markle has changed it to In the Shadows of the Duchess.

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