‘General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud Confirms Return, Britt Could Tie Into Baby Switch Story Line

Kelly Thiebaud attends Billboard Music Awards
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It has been a few months since General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud made an appearance as Britt Westbourne, also known as “The Britch.” The last we saw of her she was heading to prison, but she is apparently returning to the ABC soap soon. The news has been confirmed by the actress on social media.

On Thursday evening, Thiebaud posted a clip of herself and her cute dog on Twitter sitting on a bench joking about watching runners go by and judging them. One fan took the time to let her know how much she is missed on General Hospital. She played the role of Britt from 2012-2014 and then was put on recurring status. She pops up every once in a while and that makes many viewers happy.

It was quite unexpected when Thiebaud quipped back to her fan that she is returning to the ABC soap. She wrote back saying, “Well no need to miss me cause I’m coming back! #Britch.”

There is a good possibility that Britt will be coming back to be involved in the baby switch storyline with Brad and Lucas, although that is not confirmed just yet. She and Brad are BFFs and he certainly needs someone right now to help him with his dilemma. They have both conspired together before. Since Julian may just refuse to get involved deeper in this baby mess, Brad could enlist Britt to help him.

There is also a bit of interesting information coming from General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini, in an interview that he did last month with Michael Fairman. He was asked directly if he had any worries about doing another baby switch that has been done so many times over in soaps. Valentini didn’t seem to hesitate to say that he was not nervous at all about rehashing this situation again. However, he did express that there will be some twists coming.

“Never, never! This one has a twist on a double twist. It’s a triple-axel! It will be gut-wrenching, for sure.”

Now, this could very well have to do with the twist that Michael is the real father of baby Wiley, but it does sound like there is much more to this story that will unfold soon. With Kelly Thiebaud coming back as Britt Westbourne, you have to wonder exactly how she will be involved.

General Hospital fans have been trying to figure out who the mother is of the baby that died. Britt could have something to do with getting that information. Or maybe she will just be back to comfort Brad once he ends up losing everything when his role in the baby switch is revealed. A huge twist that Valentini was talking about could somehow be that Britt will turn out to be the baby’s mother. She may have been pregnant when she went to prison a few months ago and found out that Brad and Lucas were looking to adopt. Emotions would certainly run high if that should happen.

When Britt does return to Port Charles, she will not only have a reunion with Brad, but she will have a chance to meet her half-brother Peter August, aka Henrik Faison. He may not be too receptive to her since her mother did hold him hostage for weeks.

With Kelly Thiebaud coming back as bad girl Britt Westbourne, there are endless possibilities of potential storylines for her. However, this is most likely just a short stint for her on General Hospital.