Nashville Police Officer Andrew Delke Charged With Homicide For Shooting Suspect Daniel Hambrick As He Ran

Nashville police officer Andrew Delke has officially been charged with homicide for shooting 25-year-old suspect Daniel Hambrick as the latter was running away, ABC News reports. Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk filed the charges of criminal homicide, according to the court documents.

The district attorney’s office has released surveillance video showing Hambrick running away from Delke. Delke at first chased after Hambrick, but then stopped and began shooting at him instead. Hambrick was shot, then handcuffed.

The police department claims Hambrick was armed, and even tweeted out a photo of the gun he was allegedly carrying that day. The car Hambrick was a passenger in was stopped for driving erratically on a day when Nashville police were on the hunt for stolen vehicles in the area. The driver ran away and police chased him, but did not catch him. When officers came across the passengers of the vehicle again. Hambrick turned and ran from them.

Delke turned himself in on Thursday, then was released on a $25,000 bond. His attorney, David Raybin, confirmed that information was accurate. Delke, who was part of the department’s Juvenile Task Force, was placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Initially, a magistrate judge determined there was not enough evidence for Delke to be charged with homicide. However, a General Sessions judge did find probable cause, and signed a warrant for Delke’s arrest. The Nashville Chief of Police, Steve Anderson, reviewed the video and said he found the contents “disturbing.” However, he said he feels confident that the Nashville Police Department and its officers do not discriminate based on skin color.

The Tennessean reported that Delke shot Hambrick three times in total; once in the head, and twice in the back, as he ran away.

The charges brought against Hambrick could bring about a huge change in policy at the Metro Nashville Police Department. Until Delke, no officers (at least not in recent history) have ever been charged with homicide for a shooting that occurred while on duty.

“In August, I spoke with Daniel Hambrick’s mother to express my condolences for her loss. I assured her that we would show respect for the life of her son, because his life mattered,” said Nashville Mayor David Briley in a statement. “At that time, Ms. Hambrick asked for justice for Daniel. The District Attorney’s decision to file charges in this case is a necessary step toward that end.”

He said officers must be held responsible and laws must be equally applied to all.