Super Bowl Hangover Monday Should Be A National Holiday

Mondays are already the worst, but more than a few folks felt the effects of Super Bowl Sunday as they returned to work early this morning. Junk food overdose, excessive beer consumption, and later-thank-usual bedtimes for a Sunday has made us all a little sluggish today. So why not make Super Bowl hangover day a national holiday?

That’s the idea proposed today by Matthew Yglesias of Slate, who has been sitting at his desk probably not accomplishing much of anything after a long and hedonistic night watching Super Bowl XLVII.

“So here I am at work doing my best, but realistically my best today probably isn’t up to par. And the situation would only be worse a bit up the road in the Baltimore or out in the Bay Area. And the solution seems obvious: Today should be a national holiday. Specifically, rather than observing President’s Day two weeks from today, we should observe it today,” Yglesias reasons.

Yglesias argues that more national holidays should slightly relocate in order to coincide with popular social events. For instance, if President’s Day were relocated to the Monday after the Super Bowl, it would benefit the American people by conveniently overlapping a real-world social practice with the holiday schedule. He writes that there is “absolutely no downside to this, and the upside is considerable.”

He’s not the only one suffering from a Super Bowl hangover either. Twitter is chock-full of sports fans who would probably sign up for a slight holiday schedule alteration:

Are you suffering from a Super Bowl hangover? Do you think we should have today off? I can see a White House petition in the near future…

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