Alfie Allen Told Princess Diana ‘My Willy Is Caught In My Zip’

Alfie Allen and Princess Diana
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen may only have been a tender 5-years-old when he met Princess Diana in 1992, but according to his sister, singer Lily Allen, his unfortunate wardrobe malfunction was no less funny because of it.

Lily and Alfie had been attending the London premiere of the film Hear My Song, an event at which the princess was also in attendance as a special guest, according to Insider. Lily has since written about the awkward encounter in her book, titled My Thoughts Exactly, recalling the moment she, then 6-years-old, and Alfie met the famed People’s Princess.

Lily and Alfie’s mother, Alison Owen, had produced the film, and had tasked her children with presenting Diana with some flowers and royal gifts before the screening. But as they approached Diana, Alfie inexplicably started to cry, according to Lily, prompting the princess to ask what was wrong.

According to Lily’s memoir, he responded to Diana, “My willy is caught in my zip.” Lily did not share what the princess’ reaction to her brother’s overshare was.

“Diana the Princess of Wales came to the premiere. I was a flower girl and gave her a posy, Alfie had a box of handkerchiefs to give her but somehow he got his k*** caught in his trouser zip moments before meeting her.”

“He was crying when she approached him,” Lily wrote. “‘Are you OK?’ she asked him. ‘No,’ he replied. ‘I’ve got my willy caught in my zip.'”

While Lily hasn’t shared Diana’s response, with everything known about her, she likely responded with grace and sympathy before moving on. Either way, it was likely a mortifying experience for the young man who has grown into a much-loved actor.

He and his sister don’t always agree on who has the facts right however, and have had a few rather public spats over the years.

Lily recorded the song “Alfie” which caused strife within her family. In the song, she sings about Alfie smoking marijuana in his bedroom. The track was released before her brother became a famous actor, and she shared with Marie Claire that while the public wondered who Alfie was, her family was not happy with her singing about her younger brother in that way.

The two have also publicly disagreed on whether or not Lily was offered the role of Yara on Game of Thrones, a role that would have seen her have to engage in an “incestual sexual encounter” with her brother onscreen.